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Moving Checklist

Preparing for MOVING DAY

Your move is real, it’s right around the corner, and it will come and pass before you know it.  With our helpful guide, and moving services, we can make it a breeze.  It can be a daunting task to relocate everything you own, but with our help, it can be smooth, and even rewarding.


Four weeks to go:

There is a difference in moving companies, talk to your friends, your family, your realtor, referrals are a great place to start.  Not all moving companies are the same, services and quality will differ from company to company.  Seek a mover with a great reputation, that is licensed and registered.  The BBB (Better Business Bureau), and the CMSA (California Moving & Storage Association) are great resources to find or investigate a potential moving company.  Get a few estimates in writing, always make sure the mover sends out a representative.  Never book a move estimated over the internet or phone. 

  1. Think about having a garage sale.  It is great way to purge your unwanted belongings, while putting a little extra money in your pocket for your moving expenses.  As you pack, place a price sticker on anything you want to part with so the garage sale will have minimal setup.  This is a great way to get your children on board with the packing and moving process!
  2. Line up a local charity to pick up any unsold items left over from the garage sale.  Pick ups are usually free, and help people in need along the way.  Often, appointments need to be scheduled a few weeks ahead. 
  3. Start gathering supplies.  You will need boxes, unprinted newspaper, tape (different colors make organizing rooms much easier), bubble wrap, tissue paper, pens, scissors, bags, etc.  Designate a staging/packing area, out of the way, that you can use as a work station.  As you pack boxes, you will want to get them out of your way, living in a sea of boxes is not necessary.
  4. Begin packing decorations.  Pictures, frames, vases, mirrors, artifacts, knickknacks… Many of these will require careful packaging, and are not needed for day to day living.  Best to start with these types of items. 
  5. Tackle your storage closets and garage.  These are filled with items that you don’t use regularly, so they can be packed immediately. Pack books, photo albums, cookbooks, photo albums, and digital media.  Leave out the essentials. Notify schools, insurance companies, medical offices, and newspaper/magazine subscriptions that you are moving.  Update addresses and contact info.


Three weeks to go:

  1. Confirm the moving day with your moving company.  Start recruiting friends and family for the big day.  Line up housing for your pets and family to pick kids up from school.  You will want to feel confident that everyone is taken care of on moving day and that your focus can be on the move. 
  2. Pack up the craft room, the game room, and the workshop.  You won’t be using them in the next few weeks, you may find some additional items for the garage sale.
  3. Pack linen closets and formal dishes.  Make sure to set aside a set of towels and sheets for everyone in the family.  Linens, blankets and pillows make great packing and filler for fragile items like dishes, lamp bases, and vases. 
  4. Advertise your yard sale.  Use the internet, and hang signs throughout your neighbor hood.  Kids make the most attractive and colorful signs!  Do one more sweep of your home to find any last items to add to the sale. 


Two weeks to go:

  1. Garage sale time!  Extra hands for the sale are vital.  Allowing family or friends to sell their own items too is a great way to entice your much needed labor force. 
  2. Line up a housecleaner to come after moving day.  If ever there was a time to hire someone to help, cleaners and movers is money best spent.  This is a gift you give you and your whole family.  Save your energy for settling in.
  3. Clean out your closets: pack up jewelry, accessories, dress clothes, extra shoes, purses, belts and ties.  Pare down to what you absolutely need.
  4. Pack up your toiletries.  Leaving only the essentials.
  5. Change of addresses: for your local USPS, service transfers for television and internet, electric and gas, water and sewer, and garbage services.  Notify banks, credit card companies and anyone else that keep your home address on file.


One week to go:

  1. Get out several clear tubs to pack the items you will use immediately.  A sheet set for each bed, paper plates, coffee supplies, medicine, towels, personal documents, toilet paper, tooth brushes, cleaning supplies…  Anything you will want to get to quickly and easily for those first few days.
  2. Clean out the kitchen.  Break out the paper plates and pack every single thing.  Mark each cabinet as you empty it. 


Two DAYS to go:

  1. Start sorting the food.  Throw away or give away anything you aren’t taking with you.  If you are going into storage or moving long distance, food items should be left out. 
  2. Laundry – wash all the dirty clothes today, then create a basket to hold all dirty clothes to washed at your new home.
  3. Disconnect and pack: televisions, computers, office supplies, everything you have been using until now.  Your move is approaching rapidly and should be your primary focus.



  1. First thing, pack everything you want to keep close into your car.  Your purse, personal documents, suitcases, anything you don’t want lost in the shuffle should be packed immediately so your movers don’t accidentally pack it in the moving truck.
  2. Strip all the beds, and clear all towels form the bathrooms. 
  3. Have spare boxes for all the miscellaneous stuff that appears at the last minute.

            Remember, ask for help, start early, and be flexible…


                                     YOUR MOVERS ARE HERE TO HELP!!

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